Who trusts us

Artos Logo

Artos Group

A company that is interested in selling innovative products that addresses the challenge of clean drinking water and clean and affordable electricity.
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Business Excellence Award in South Africa

The vice president of Liberia recognizes us after being awarded a business excellence Award in south Africa in Feb. 2018.
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A company registered and operating out of Slovenia, is one of the few reputable company’s we represent in Liberia. They are one of the leading companies in Europe in the area of security printed materials. Inter Consult introduced them to Liberia in 2013 through Mr. Boakia.
Footballforpeaceglobal Logo

Football for Peace

Football for Peace, United Kingdom- is a NGO, a movement to breakdown social barriers with the use of football diplomacy.
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Globtel Air Technology

Globtel Air Technology, Maribor- owned by Mr. Ales Zeleznik along with its partners with then vice president of Liberia discussing possible investments in the telecommunication sector.
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K3 Telecom

We consulted since 2012, in 2014 we lobbied and acquired license, frequencies and permit to operate in Liberia.
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Musons Group

A company registered and operating out of Liberia is a collaborating partner in the Architecture and construction sector.
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TBEA, China (Biggest producer of transformer in the world) is interested in partnering with the government of Liberia to invest and implement Transmission and Distribution projects in Liberia.