Ernest K. Boakai


Ernest K. Boakai is a general business consultant, as an ambitious and young man from a family of four (Father, Mother and a younger brother), he explored his world view and took advantage of every opportunity given him from the gate go. He was born on March 26, 1979, a Liberian, Married with two beautiful kids. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Inter Consult, he has bent his focus on attracting investors to Liberia, Ghana and markets the African continent as a whole. Over the last six years Inter Consult Inc. has done wonderful things in Liberia and Ghana.

Mr. Boakai got his primary and secondary education in Liberia and after had to move to Ghana as a result of the 14 years’ civil conflict in his country where he acquired an Honors Diploma in Networking Engineering from NIIT between 2003 to 2005. After which he went on to pursue a Bachelors in Marine Engineering at the Regional Maritime University from 2005 to 2009. With an international student status, he had the opportunity to join AIESEC- an international student organization that shifted his entire academic dreams thus discovering his passion for marketing and sales. This passion grew stronger when he moved to Slovenia and got married to his wife Mrs. Sabina Banic Boakai and start a family since 2009. At first he started to attend fairs and conferences in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia, he presented, marketed and sold Africa’s potential to interested companies and individuals.

Mr. Boakai is a flexible individual with an innovative and diverse mind set, he strongly believes everything starts with an IDEA but developing the idea and making it meaningful, that is his passion “Mr. Make it Happen”. His work is built around people. In short, with people he gets IDEAS and with people he implements those IDEAS.

Mr. Boakai bring a hand full of experiences to the table from working in the public and private sectors and as a volunteered. As a result of a fourteen-year civil war in his country (Liberia), he lived and traveled to most of the West African countries including Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and Guinea leaving him with reliable contacts and good insight of the different markets in the West African sub region.

Being an opportunist, he took advantage of the financial crisis that struck many companies leading them to force closure and/or declaring bankruptcy. He took advantage and started engaging such companies that were fighting for survival, inviting them to venture in the West African markets. The bite came with its fair share of challenges but yet still with good planning, strategies and consistent partnership, we were able to succeed in establishing couple of strong companies and win couple of major tenders for some of our clients.

Inter Consult was born in 2012 and since has grown so fast making recognized hallmarks in especially Liberia and Ghana. As the founder, Mr. Boakai attaches consistent dedication, creativity, personal knowledge and create a great network for the company within Liberia and abroad.

Mrs. Ceyatu Kpana Harris

General Manager

Ceyatu Kpana Harris is a certify business administrator. She is a born and bred Liberian who as a result of the war in Liberia lead to her fleeing along with her family where she got her primary education in Ghana and completed secondary education back home in 2008.

She further went to Cuttington University in central Liberia to obtained a bachelors in Public Administrations with emphasis in Economics between the periods of 2009-2014. Currently she’s seeking a master’s degree in Management at the Cuttington University Graduate school in the capital, Monrovia.

She brings to the table loads of experience and understanding from working in the public and private sector leaving her with strategic local content and contacts. She understand the  market space and knows how to lobby her way through.  

She brings to the job some self-developing skills, she is very hospitable and socially welcoming, young, full of positive energy and hungry to learn. She is an extraordinary networker and is usually successful in appealing to people.  

Inter Consult is a unique opportunity for businessmen outside Liberia who want to make the most of their investment.