Select trustworthy Consultants and get established in Liberia

Inter Consult seeks to assist and create a secure environment for investors and visitors, giving them the opportunity of being free to explore the Liberian market. 

Who We Are

Inter consult is ran by diverse profile of individuals, mostly family and friends that are professionals, connected and experienced in different fields. The team also cooperate with other partners, influential individuals and governmental institutions to fulfill the expectations of  our clients

Ernest K. Boakai, Founder of Inter Consult in Liberia

Inter Consult is a unique opportunity for businessmen outside Liberia who want to make the most of their investment.

Our Services

We are working closely with our clients to understand their needs and what they want to give the appropriate advice and assistance.

Our main services:

  • Market assessment and case studies
  • Project identification and development
  • Implementation planning and support
  • Import-Export

Reasons to Invest in Liberia

There are many reasons why Liberia is the place to visit and invest, let us highlight some of them…

  • A peaceful and stable political environment that is conductive for business growth.
  • Direct international flights from Europe, USA and Asia.
  • Strategic location of the country.
  • Liberia is ready for new investment opportunities.
  • An abundance of natural resources, among others iron ore, timber, gold, diamonds.